Show newer » is planning to drastically its features, the company told Instagram staffers on Tuesday, as it shifts the focus of its efforts to those that directly drive »New in opens in the Irish consulate: The aim of the US office is to strengthen EU . It is headed by , a key official who has worked on landmark » Says , Projects "Not a Priority" as Layoffs Bite: "early explorations in the represent a project that doesn’t directly contribute to our priority and continued investment in ".« » to pass 50% share of used in US: Milestone was passed in quarter ending in June, says Counterpoint Research.« » Rises 160% in 2021: on the site earned nearly . The number of rose 34% to 2.1 million, while the number of surged 128% to nearly 188 million.« »Listen up: are coming to : "Starting Thursday, , we’re integrating podcasts into Twitter as a part of our newly redesigned Tab."« » is a new ‘’ feed to display : the new feed is being tested with in and the test is currently limited in scope.« »How pushed its -vantage: Apple is beginning to build its own just as its crackdown weakens key ad-supported rivals.« »’s revenue growth slowed to 8% from 12% in the year-ago quarter, a lesser result than analysts had predicted: The blamed the strong revenue miss in part on the U.S. dollar.«

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