Show newer »New in opens in the Irish consulate: The aim of the US office is to strengthen EU . It is headed by , a key official who has worked on landmark » Says , Projects "Not a Priority" as Layoffs Bite: "early explorations in the represent a project that doesn’t directly contribute to our priority and continued investment in ".« » to pass 50% share of used in US: Milestone was passed in quarter ending in June, says Counterpoint Research.« » Rises 160% in 2021: on the site earned nearly . The number of rose 34% to 2.1 million, while the number of surged 128% to nearly 188 million.« »Listen up: are coming to : "Starting Thursday, , we’re integrating podcasts into Twitter as a part of our newly redesigned Tab."« » is a new ‘’ feed to display : the new feed is being tested with in and the test is currently limited in scope.« »How pushed its -vantage: Apple is beginning to build its own just as its crackdown weakens key ad-supported rivals.« »’s revenue growth slowed to 8% from 12% in the year-ago quarter, a lesser result than analysts had predicted: The blamed the strong revenue miss in part on the U.S. dollar.« » is making a series of to that aim to tackle clickbait and improve the relevancy of search results, prioritizing and over recycled information.«

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