» and start joint : The project, which will last , started sometime in the summer this year, sources said. is Microsoft’s device model.« j.mp/3rRwAsF

Metaver.se » Becomes First Major Company to Launch : After years of dabbling in the and the space, game industry giant Ubisoft is taking things to the decrypt.co/87752/ubisoft-first

» : A . This is a positive that will bring a lot of once it arrives, which is why it has a lot of people very excited about it.« j.mp/3r7eAd8

Metaver.se »‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is Getting a Tie-in Game Experience But It isn’t in VR and That’s a Crime« roadtovr.com/matrix-resurrecti

Metaver.se »Can Meta Solve the "Metaverse for Work / Education" Challenge That Second Life Couldn't? (Comments of the Week)« nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2021/12/phil

»The metaverse is coming, but what does that even mean? What is ? We take a look.« j.mp/3kXAImv

Metaver.se »Top 5 Posts Last Week Including: The Problem With Hyping a Virtual Real Estate "Boom" & HBO Features an SL Land Baron« nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2021/12/sl-m

»The metaverse will make your worse: Assuming is the ignores both decades of into and the results of our with remote work over the past two years.« j.mp/2Z8POOf

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